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Polyetheretherketone specialty fiber and its excellent properties

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) specialty fiber is produced by high temperature melt spinning of polyetheretherketone resin.?Polyetheretherketone has high temperature resistance (UL temperature index 250 °C), high strength (purity resin up to 94MPa, fiber enhanced up to 210MPa), chemical resistance (except for concentrated sulfuric acid, almost insoluble in any conventional chemical reagents), Irradiation resistant (resistant to 109rad, equivalent nuclear reactor radiation intensity), creep resistance (especially high temperature creep resistance, equivalent nylon normal temperature endurance at 150 °C), high flame retardancy (0.3mm thick, can meet 94V -1, 1.5mm thick, can meet 94V-0), only produce H2O and CO2 when fully burned, does not produce any toxic gas, and has excellent high temperature hydrolysis resistance (more than 200 °C, there is still enough endurance) Other characteristics have been applied and verified in many aspects.?Known as super heat-resistant polymer materials, it has been successfully applied in aerospace, aviation, electronic information, petrochemical, automobile manufacturing and medical and health fields.?Polyetheretherketone fiber is excellent in properties.?Tensile strength 400~700MPa (monofilament rupture strength about 25~40cN/tex, multifilament up to 65 cN/tex), elongation 20%~40%, modulus 3~6GPa, LOI value 35, melting point 334~343 °C Long-term use temperature of 250 °C.?It has good physical properties, chemical stability, heat resistance and electrical insulation properties.?It is flame retardant and self-extinguishing. Polyetheretherketone fiber can also be recycled and reused. The raw material recovery rate can reach 90%.